NEW SINGLE out now!

NEW SINGLE out now!

Feb 11 2022
Dave Forestfield & Ville Lehtovaara:
Real Close Look

Dave Forestfield and Ville Lehtovaara will release a brand new album Teleport Operation in April 2022. The album will be out via Finnish jazz oriented label Eclipse Music. The first single from the album Real Close Look (single edit version) is out now.

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The new album features ten original compositions and a new version of Forestfield’s 2015 song Big Wheels Are Rolling Again. “We exchanged ideas and instrumental tracks via email about four months or so. I wrote most of the stuff by using Ville’s percussion loops as inspiration while Ville built up finished songs by mixing and sampling my instrument and vocal tracks” says Forestfield. “Our working method was trying to surprise ourselves. During the whole process we never met physically. I think we ended up hitting some brand new levels”

Awarded singer-songwriter Forestfield and drummer-producer Lehtovaara have teamed together also on Forestfield’s album Loyal Till The Bitter End (2015) and on the single Don’t Let Coronavirus Drag You Down by an all star group Corona Kings (2020). Forestfield also visited on Lehtovaara’s solo debut Regroovable (2018).