New 5 track EP Fantasy Living Boy

New 5 track EP Fantasy Living Boy

Aug 27 2021
New 5 track EP Fantasy Living Boy is out now!

Propaganda Records has released Dave Forestfield’s brand new digi EP “Fantasy Living Boy”. The EP’s title track is from the latest solo album “Skull” and it features four non-album tracks, all covers and recorded this spring.

1. Fantasy Living Boy (Dave Forestfield)
2. Way Down In Old Swanee (Traditional, arr. by Dave Forestfield)
3. Sittin’ On Top Of The World (Traditional, arr. by Dave Forestfield)
4. You Can’t Fool The Fat Man (Randy Newman)
5. My Bonnie (Traditional, arr. by Dave Forestfield)

Dave Forestfield – vocals, guitars, bass and vox organ (1)
Jere Venäläinen – piano and electric piano
J-P Hautalampi – drums and percussion
Jukka Kolehmainen – bass (1)
Kristiina Vaara – backing vocals (1)
Mira Sunnari – backing vocals (3 & 5)

Produced by D.F. & J-P Hautalampi


“As with the previous EP from the album Skull, I wanted again to include some cover songs on it to make it an interesting little EP album instead being just a single” says Dave. “Plus they are all my personal favorite songs which I want the world to hear. Yet, I wanted to give some of them a special “like never before” kind of arrangement. As always with cover songs, you must have some special point to record them.”

The title track “Fantasy Living Boy” features backing vocals by Kristiina Vaara, the lead singer of the Finnish alternative rock band Lasten Hautausmaa. “Way Down In Old Swanee” is Dave’s own kind of rocking version of the old traditional song “Swanee River”. Dave’s rendition of the raw traditional blues “Sittin’ On Top Of The World” is a tender ballad and the backing vocals by Mira Sunnari will give it an extra gospel flavor. “You Can’t Fool The Fat Man” is a song written by the legendary American songwriter Randy Newman and “My Bonnie” is originally an old Irish folk song. Dave gives it a special soulful treatment and takes it far from its roots.

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