New album Nobody’s World set for September 1 release


Label: Propaganda, PRO 2136 (CD | DIGITAL, Sep 1, 2017)
Distribution: Playground Music

Propaganda will release Dave’s new album Nobody’s World. The Release date of the album is set for Sep 1, but  the music video Lazy Days and Lazy Nights is out now. Check it here!

Dave on the album:
“I think this 14 song album is more a band record than any of my previous albums. It’s funny in a way because it’s just me and the drummer plus some quests here and there. There’s lots of overdubbed guitar and bass in every song, but basically it’s just drums and my singer/songwriter piano.”
“Often there’s been some kind of theme on my records or at least in my head when writing the songs. If I should name some theme this time, I think it could be the trinity of hypocrisy, populism and double standards and the satisfying feel of power it gives to some of us… mixed with some Boogie Woogie, of course!”


1. Me and My Bible (we’re the devil)  4:14
2. You Can’t Walk Grinning (all through your life)  4:24
3. Lazy Days and Lazy Nights  3:11
4. Johnny, Wait  5:46
5. Old Ancient Souls  3:37
6. In Old Hong Kong  4:09
7. She Shot Me (in my head) 3:30
8. One of These Days  4:03
9. In Heaven  2:57
10. Daddy Played The Boogie  2:13
11. Nobody’s World  7:04
12. Sally and Steve 4.31
13. Goodbye Sweetheart  2:54
14. It’s One of Them Mornings 2:56
55:38 mins
All songs written by Dave Forestfield.