Hollow Soul

Hollow Soul

01. No Turning Back (4,12)
02. Back Home (3,21)
03. Keep My Style (4,46)
04. Shut Off The Moon (2,39)
05. Never Will Be The Same Again (4,18)
06. Veracruz (3,32)
07. I Know You Could Take Me Back (7,25)
08. I Wasn’t Here (3,55)
09. The Door (4,00)
10. Rocking Little Bastard (2,23)
11. Something Else (3,28)
12. Winter Is Early This Year (4,16)
13. You Are My Never Again (2,47)
14. Six Months Now (3,41)
15. My Buddy (5,23)

Pilfink Records, 2012
Distributed by Töölön Musiikkitukku
Produced by Dave Forestfield
Executive producer: Jarmo Kähkönen


Hollow Soul is Forestfield’s fourth solo album and second one released by Pilfink. “Some thought my last album One Truth Town was a political record. Well, if this one is, it’s political in wide meaning of the word, talking about outsiders of their own lives. Your own couch is one of the most miserable places to be an outsider.”

Record is also more musically varied than its predecessor. “I wanted some horn section in some songs, combination of accordion and organ here and there and in one song we used echo as an instrument, a bit the way they did on Dub records. A couple of songs we stripped down totally.”

There’s 15 Forestfield songs on the record and one of them, “Keep My Style”, has been recorded by Mickey And The Students for their album Some People (Mufarang, 2009). “I always wanted to make my own different version of it, and now the time was right.”

As a gift there will be also a 12 song acoustic bonus album called Gone Cowboy Session ?/?/2010 (official bootleg).
Cd buyers will get a code to download the bonus album from Forestfield’s web page.


Dave Forestfield – electric & acoustic guitar, electric bass, dobro, organ, mandolin & vocals
Jere Venäläinen – organ, piano & electric piano
Beat Pete Soininen – electric & stand up bass, backing vocals
Mika Ryhänen – drums
J.P. Hautalampi – drums, bongos & maracas
Anssi Huotari – accordion
Kyösti Varis – trumpet & cornet
Pauliina Pohjolainen – saxophone
Timothy “Diddy” Hawkins – tuba