Party Music For Wasteland Teens


01. WastelandTeens  (4.00)
02. Just a Thought  (3.22)
03. Douple Bill And Triple Ted  (4.35)
04. Party Isn’t Here Anymore  (4.09)
05. Starting To Get My Business Straight  (3.15)
06. Boy With a Plan  (7.37)
07. Mr. Texas  (3.39)
08. New Kid In Town  (3.50)
09. Dark Glasses And Leather Boots  (4.58)
10. Walk Away From You Boy  (4.47)
11. I Wonder If You Ever Think Of Me  (3.17)
12. Last Night  (2.49)
13. Sonata For Senate  (3.02)
14. Birth Of Boogie  (3.19)
15. Eddie’s Song  (4.18)

“It’s a concept album. The Mystic Eastern Wastelands, where another man’s treasure is another man’s shit and another man’s miss is another man’s hit. And where the most burning silent question is “I wonder if you ever think of me?”

Party Music For Wasteland Teens includes 15 new songs. One of the album’s highlights is Boy With a Plan, a 7 minute song about Eastern Wastelands, a dream come true and a relationship going bad, a story you may feel like you’ve heard before.

(Propaganda, 2013) (Distributed by Playground Music)
(p) & (c) Propaganda Records / Proxmira Oy 2013
Produced by Dave Forestfield

Total time 61:08

Words and music by D. Forestfield
except “Mr. Texas” music by D. Forestfield – A. Forestfield

Horn arrangements by D.F.
String arrangement on WastelandTeens
by Dave Forestfield and Tero Kaario

Recorded at Sudden Factor Studio, Finland
Mastered at Sudden Factor & Lammi House