Loyal Till The Bitter End

The album finds the singer/songwiter in many different moods. Forestfield’s wit humour is visible in songs like *Big Wheels* and* Lock Up Your Heart*. Solo piano number* Before Our Time* paints a reverse vision of *John Lennon*’s *Imagine* and *In a Deserted Village* will reveal him in his darkest storytelling mood. Even some psychedelic elements can be found plus a couple of pseudo gospel songs, *Shining Trees* and *I Believe The Change Will Come*. The latter was released as a single and it features the blues singer *Jo’ Buddy* as a guest vocalist. What comes to Forestfield’s political side, it will take the lead especially on *Hollow Log* and *Matthew Mills*. What is the conclusion? Perhaps just that people are often ridiculously loyal to their choises, even till The Bitter End.

01. In a Deserted Village
02. Big Wheels Are Rolling Again
03. Lock Up Your Heart
04. Before Our Time
05. Matthew Mills
06. Young Shaman
07. I Believe The Change Will Come (w/ Jo’ Buddy)
08. Hollow Log
09. Going Back To Jane
10. Midnight Shooter (Midnite Shooter)
11. Down By a Shady Bay
12. Shining Trees

(total time 55:51)

(Propaganda/Playground Scandinavia, 2015)
All songs written by Dave Forestfield.
Produced by Dave Forestfield


Dave Forestfield – vocal, guitar, piano, keyboards
Tero Kaario – electric piano, keyboards
Petteri Soininen – electric & stand up bass
Kingfish Willie – drums, percussion

Tapsa Kojo – accordion (1,11)
Jo’ Buddy – vocals (7)
The New Almanac Singers – background vocals (2)