Gone Cowboy Session

gone cowboy session cover 1b



Recording this record didn’t take time much longer than the album runs. Me and Hank C were at Gone Cowboy Studio one Monday evening in the beginning of 2010. I had just finished the mixes of my “Worn Out Dreams” record and Hank C. had brought with him his mellow sounding wooden resonator guitar he had purchased a few weeks back. Like we often did then, we were playing just for fun some traditional songs and here and there in between also some of mine. Then after a couple of numbers I said “how about if this time we’d set up a couple of mikes and put the tape rolling?” It was ok with him and we continued sitting and playing.

After a while Beat Pete appeared and I’d set up an extra mike for him. All in all, we played ca. 15 or 20 songs that night and most of them just once, without any practicing or musical or lyrical sheets. Some of them Hank C knew, but some of them he just played along. Session was finished late at night and friends went their way. I wasn’t in the mood for sleeping yet and I sat at my harmonium and started remembering “Precious Lord, Take My Hand (and lead me home)”, a song I had first time heard from a Doc Watson record. He possibly heard my call ‘cause after that I felt like going home.

Then, the next week I made a quick mix of the session and gave boys CDs of it. Hank C had a strong opinion that the record should be released by somebody. That didn’t happen, partly because I forgot the whole tape, as much as I liked it then. Two years went and I picked up the CD from my archives and found out that it still sounds to my ear a nice little session with friends and some glasses of wine. I decided to ask from my recent record company boss Jarmo Kähkönen, if I could release the session as a download bonus disc with my new record “Hollow Soul”.

So, here it is. To maintain the original feeling of the session, songs on this record are in the same order we played them then, Monday night, ?/?/2010, with no idea what to do.

Best regards, D.F.

(Official bootleg, Hollow Soul’s free download bonus album)

01. Thoughts On Corrina   (Trad.) 3:09
02. It’s a Long And Dusty Road   (Trad.) 3:11
03. In This World Of Lies   (Forestfield) 3:27
04. Check Out The Landing Gear   (Forestfield) 4:14
05. Days Done Passed  (Trad.) 4:48
06. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms   (Trad.) 2:19
07. What Kind Of Truth   (Forestfield) 2:42
08. In The Deep Rolling Hills   (Trad.) 3:34
09. Somebody Touched Me   (Trad.) 2:55
10. You’re Gonna Need My Help  (Trad.) 2:55
11. Hey, Cowgirl   (Forestfield) 2:02
12. Precious Lord Take My Hand   (Trad.) 2:58

Recorded ?/?/2010 at Gone Cowboy Studio’s cafe table.

Tracks 1-7:
Dave Forestfield – acoustic guitar & vocal
Hank C. – acoustic resonator guitar

Tracks 8-11:
Dave Forestfield – acoustic guitar & vocal
Hank C. – acoustic resonator guitar
Beat Pete Soininen – stand up bass & backing vocal

Track 11:
Diddy Hawkins – snare drum

Track 12:
Dave Foresfield – harmonium & vocals