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DAVE F0RESTFIELD – Fo*tsteps In The Sn*w
Propaganda, PRO

Distribution: Playground

Track list:

1. Maybe Mexic* (Jerry Jeff Walker)
2. You Slip Away Fr*m My Mind (Dave Forestfield)
3. All Th* Best Girls (Dave Forestfield)
4. I Get The Bl*es When It Rains (Harry Stoddard)
5. High Sch**l Sweetheart (Dave Forestfield)
6. Warmed *ver Kisses (Brian Hyland)
7. Ting a* Ling (Ahmet Ertegun)
8. Then I Cr*ck Up (Dave Forestfield)
9. She’s a D>*ncer (Dave Forestfield)
10. Riding D*wn The Canyon (Smiley Burnette / Gene Autry)
11. What T* Do (Dave Forestfield)
12. Sgt. Pepper’s L*nely Hearts Club Band (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
13. Y*u Win Again (Hank Williams)

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Dave Forestfield – vocals, guitars, piano, bass, organ
Petteri Soininen – bass (6,7) backing vocals (1,3,6,7,8,10,12,13)
Jere Venäläinen – electric piano (1,3), piano (5,12) organ (6,7)
Brother Andy Liukko – harmonica (3,6,10,11,13)
Jussi Huttunen – drums, percussion (1,3,5,6,8,12)
J-P Hautalampi – drums, percussion (7,8,9,13)
Pia Pitkänen – backing vocals (4,11)
Sami Harlin – drums, percussion (2)
Louie Ujvarosy – harmonica (9)

Produced by Dave Forestfield

Soulful singer/songwriter Dave Forestfield won The Best Film Score Award at Defy Film Festival, Nashville, TN in Oct 2016 for his music in the short film Body Language Zone. 2018 Finnish Blues Awards gave him The Song of The Year Award for his song Me And My Bible (We’re The Devil) , a song from his previous solo album Nobody’s World. Dave won the award for the 2nd time. The winner song in 2015 was I Believe The Change Will Come.

“I was having fun with my updated Pro Tools recording studio and played some of my old favorite songs more or less newly arranged as well as some unreleased stuff of mine. Spirit of my session was very lighthearted, I had no plan, I was just having fun. Then I thought why not cutting some of the songs with a band? Things went real fast and all of sudden I realized I had an album made. My previous album Nobody’s World was pretty much just me doing everything and the drummer doing what drummers do. This time I wanted more people getting involved. Members of my current touring band are there plus a bunch of other fellow musicians too.”

This is the first time Forestfield’s solo album is including also cover songs.

New music video #1 You Win Again

Album release date: Nov 23, 2018. (CD | DIGITAL)